My First YouTube Video My First YouTube Video

Hello guys I would like to let you know that I have finally opened my YouTube channel and have made my first YouTube video! It’s documenting my step by step process of creating a drawing. The drawing is a smaller surrealistic portrait of a girl with a moko – Maori facial tattoo.


I’m just learning to do editing, filming and other tricks so if you have any tips I’d love to hear all about them. It’s a new channel as well so please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE – I would really appreciate it! And press the notification bell as there will be more videos coming up. I am planing to do a new video each month about different artworks, their progress and perhaps even tutorial and tips videos.


I love creating drawings partly because they are much quicker to complete than paintings. A drawing can take me a few days or weeks to complete (depending on the size) and a painting can go on for months. So it’s a good way of quickly trialing out an idea. Drawings can also be a great playground to toy around with some concepts for further paintings. Not all of my drawings go on to become a painting and even when they do I generally elaborate and change subjects, compositions or details so they never become copies of each other but rather an inspiration. As an example you can see a graphite on paper drawing ‘Traveller That Defeated DeathTraveller That Defeated Death‘, 2016 and an acrylic painting inspired by it ‘Luggage Of Transition‘Luggage Of Transition‘, 2017. Another example of a drawing that went on to become a painting is pencil on paper drawing ‘Hair-Ball TeaHair-Ball Tea‘ from 2010 that turned into an inspiration for the acrylic painting ‘The Pot Of Earl GreyThe Pot Of Earl Grey‘ that was created in 2015. 


Hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to getting some feedback from you. You can contact me directly through the website or comment under the video on YouTube 🙂 



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