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About Time Travellers

They move through time, they fight for their existence, they accumulate knowledge, love, wisdom and endurance. They are not people from the plane that we call reality but souls travelling through dimensions of space and time. They are the etherial beings that encompass a continual history within themselves. All of the beings depicted in this series are strong old souls and carry levels of energy beyond the bounds of human comprehension, at some stage of their reincarnations they held a lot of power, won battles and lost dear ones, spared some enemies but mercilessly crushed others and just like us, had to make hardest decisions in life: stay or go, speak up or be quiet, hold on or let go. 

These paintings are an opportunity for the spectator to observe the fusion of lives of each soul that are almost like transparencies that lap over to form one image. The scars and tattoos that grace their bodies are the artefacts of previous existences. Etherial souls don’t value gold or jewels but every single adornment, pearl or stone holds a vast quantity of information and knowledge that can only be deciphered through the use of symbolism and intuition. 

Each painting has it’s own story that sits on the border between reality and fantasy. Depicted subjects have powerful narratives and can create intimate relationships with the viewer. It is a mutual creative process of untangling that brings the work closer to it’s completion and creates a mental play-ground to be explored.

‘Secrets From The Hourglass’ is a series of figurative paintings that were created for a personal exhibition held at The Dorothy Circus Gallery – Rome in 2012.

The series depict a single soul travelling through numerous lives as it embarks on different roles within its current society and plays different characters. Each painting is devoted to a specific life and brings a change in surroundings as well as the appearance of the character, the only thing that stays constant is a little birthmark above her lip. First she materialises to us as the Eve and then as she drifts though ages she ends up as a contemporary figure that is still trying to distinguish her path in life. Although this personage has a strong resemblance to a human figure it’s just an etherial being and therefor has inordinately large eyes and a very lean appearance.

These paintings are filled with symbolistic aspects and surrealistic enigma through which I would like to invite you to untangle the narrative that is hidden within the painted subjects and surrounding objects like jewels, animals or even fruit as it always carries strong symbolic notions in connection with religion, life and sex.

I would like to tempt you to unweave the tail of the narrative through your own creative process of observational reading with your personal lens of imagination, sense of humour and intellect.

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