Children’s Classes


Days & Dates: Saturdays, (5weeks) 14 Aug – 11 Sept 21
Timing: 10:00 – 12:00 pm
Price: $185

This term we will use plants as our subject matter. The course will start with some graphite drawing and then move to pastels, later we will move to watercolour and paint different plants including fruit, leaves, flowers etc. This class will teach you how to focus on details and closely observe objects. Another exciting part of this course will be a masterclass on miniature brushwork with tips and tricks that will really improve your brush and paint handling.

Throughout the workshop you will be able to create a number of sketches and for your final artwork you will use watercolour to create your final painting.

‘Story Time

Days & Dates: Sundays, (5weeks)   15 Aug – 12 Sept 21
Timing: 10:00 – 12:00 pm
Price: $185

This course will not only improve your artistic abilities but also bring out a writer in you. This term students will create a story in pictures that is based on mystical events and by the end of the course will get to complete an acrylic painting based on one of the scenes from their own mini novel.
During the course students will create a number of sketches with graphite, charcoal, some watermixible media like watercolour and watercolour pencils. They will also get to brush up on their acrylic skills before moving onto their final work.

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